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Phase 5

January 24-25

Dragonfly Wellness Center

Devens, MA


More sublte and deeply effective, this class delves into the heart of Ortho-Bionomy.  Participants will increase thier abillity to support and emply the self correcting refelxes.  Participants will refine their ability to perceive, and to listen with their fingers and their whole selves.  Starting with grounding and connecting we will deepen your understanding of relationship.  Learn techniques that enable a more refines and effective practice.  Come learn to do even less-while accomplishing much more.

Prerequisit:  One Ortho-Bionomy class or permission from Instructor

Study Groups

January 10 and March 20


Lexington, MA

$75 each

These study grups will focus on efficiency in a session.  How do you combine your Ortho-Bionomy Skills to give an area just enough work so it can respond and support more detailed work you do in another part of the body?  How do you determine when enough is enough?  How can you abreviate your work when you don't have much time?  Sudy groups are with an Instructor (Cynthia Wood) and are a great way to review or learn something new, practice and receive some wonderful Ortho-Bionomy at the end of your busy week.  

Prerequist:  One Ortho-Bionomy class



Practice Group

February 8th 2-4



This is an informal gathering for anyone who has had an Ortho-Bionomy class.  Michelle Neuner will host, but there is no Instructor.  This is a time to work on each other and receive the kind of feedback you can only receive from another student.  It is time to receive wonderful bodywork as you can only receive from people doing Ortho-Bionomy!  This will be a monthly event.  If you are interested in tis or up coming practice groups please contact Michelle:


Impact and Sports Injuries

February 28-March 1

Advanced Instructor Sheri Covey

Dragonfly Wellness Devens, MA


This class will cover how force goes through the body and how to address lines of impact with Ortho-Bionomy.  When force goes through the body is creates counter forces as well.  We will follow these lines and address them in the contex of the whole body.  What happens to the entire body when the ankle is sprained (the nervous system, the posture, the gait, etc)?  Come learn pre and post surgery techniques.  Sher will cover working with head injuries.  She will cover approaching injuries through fascia and the viscera as well as working with scar tissue.  You will learn about the effects of force specifically and how to support the whole body to re-establish balance and health.  

Prerequiste:  Phase 5 or permission of Instructor

Foundational Class:  Extremities

March 14-15



contact Michelle Neuner:

This is a great first class and an important class to review. You will learn the history and principles of Ortho-Bionomy as well as hands on techniques you can use right away.  Participants will see and practice techniques for the shoulder, ribs, clavicle, sternum, elbow, wrist, hand, femur rotation, knee, ankle and feet.  Participants will practice the Ortho-Bionomy principle of following comfort and ease enabling them to create techniques to suit their client in the moment.  As gentle as it is profound, you'll be amazed at the effectiveness of these tecniques.  Come join us!  

prerequiste: none


Ortho-Bionomy Basic Class

April 4-5

Valley school of Healing Arts

Port Trevorton, PA

This is a wonderful first class, or review.  This class will include the history and principles as well as techniques for the whole body (Spine and Extremities).   You'll be amazed at the ease and respect of this approach!  It is gentle on the practitioner as well as the client.  It is effective with chronic and acute pain as well as stress and tension.  Ortho-Bionomy works wonderfully on its own and also compliments other modalites of healing and personal growth.  

Contact the Valley School of Healing Arts: (570)374-2222  or


May 2-3

Downeast School of Massage

Waldoboro, ME

Contact:  Emily Waltz

Please see description of Extremities above.



May 15-16

Location MA TBA


This class will include the history and principles of Ortho-Bionomy.  Participants will see and practice techniques for the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, psoas, ilium and sacrum.  Come learn howto work with clientswith out pain or force.  Use ease to create ease in both the practitioner and the client.  As effective as it is gentle, Ortho-Bionomy provides a path to authenticity and healing that is both simple and profound.  Come join us!

prerequisits:  none

White Mountain Residential

September 27-October 2

Advanced Instructors Cynthia Wood and Sheri Covey

We will be staying in the retreat lodge at Camp Marist in Freedom NH on Lake Ossipee.  We will have the lodge to ourselves. It is lovely, rustic and comfortable right on the lake, nestled in the mountains.  This time of year in NH the crowds have gone and the colors have started.  Loons will be singing and the sun will be warm.  Deepen your skill and restore your soul.  Contact Cynthia for more information.



Send deposit check made out to 'Cynthia Wood' .


Cynthia Wood  Ortho-Bionomy

336 Baker Ave.

Concord, MA



If the class is canceled by the instructor full refunds will be given.



Cynthia Wood

Ortho-Bionomy® Instructor/Practitioner

West Concord and Cambridge, Massachusetts


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