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Phase 5- One day or Study Group

November 8 Wednesday 10-6 (class) or 10-1 (Study Group)

Concord Wheel House

Class $160, Study Group $85

50% deposit holds your spot

Instructor Cynthhia Wood

This class will focus on the reflexes.  Phase 5 is the heart of Ortho-Bionomy.  It is about listening, connecting and letting the client lead the way themselves.    It is about right relationship and less is more.  We will focus on reviewing the self correcting reflexes, refining our ability to support and sometimes employ the reflexes with refined sensitivity.  This class will help students be prepared for the Cranial/Practitioner Training class that is coming.  If you have had Phase 5 but would like to review the reflexes you can just come for the Study Group.  If you would like more time to practice and go deeper, come for the day!  This is an advanced class and the prerequist is a Basic class or permission form the Instructor.



Cranial and Practitioner Training Seminar

November 30- December 2, 2017

Watertown Center for Healing Arts

Instructor Sheri Covey



 Novmeber 30 will be a day of Practitioner Training Seminar.  This important class will cover the concepts and practice of maintaining your own energy while connecting to another.  We will help you form a stronger sense of where yo begin and where others start.  We will work with allowing you to recognize what you respond to and why.  We will work with the Self-Correcing Reflexes to help learn to balance our own sense of self. This day will lay the foundation for the Cranial class that follows on the next two days.  For those working on their Pratitioner Training, therre is an online Practitioner Training Seminar which is more traditional and will give you an additional 8 hours which will enable you to complete that requirment and get excellent training. 


The Ortho-Bionomy approach to the Cranial/Sacral system as is gentle, respectful and profound as you know Ortho-Bionomy to be.  In this class students will learn to work with the Reflexes within the Cranial System and Nervous System. Students will learn Dr. Pauls technique for the Cranium.  This is the only class offered anywhere in Ortho-Bionomy that addresses structure, brain and reflexes in its offering.



Spine and Pelvis

Feruary 16-17, 2018

Westford Center for Counseling and Wholistic Therapies

Instructor Cynthia Wood


This is a great first class or review.  It is foundational.  Learn the pricniples, history and the techniques for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine as well as the psoas, ilium and sacrum.  Come learn this effective, gentle and profound technique!  Also, this class is the prerequiste for the Vertical Spine class.  Come join us!



Vertical Spine

April 13-14, 2018

Location TBA

Instructor Gary Lee Williams


Gary Lee Williams will be coming from NY to teach this brilliant class he created.  Using gravity in a standing position learn quick, effective and easy techniques for the spine.  Gary's teaching style is warm, clear and dynamic.  The techniques from this class easily become self care, home exercises for clients or fun quick demos at gatherings!  More details will follow.



Classes out side of Boston:

Spine and Pelvis Foundational class at the Downeast School of Massage Therapy 10/28-29.

Psoas, Knee and a Little Neck at the VT AMTA retreat 




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Cynthia Wood  Ortho-Bionomy

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If the class is canceled by the instructor full refunds will be given.



Cynthia Wood

Ortho-Bionomy® Instructor/Practitioner

West Concord and Cambridge, Massachusetts


Cynthia Wood is an approved provider of Continuing Education credits by the NCBTMB




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